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Dawn 'til Dusk

Rogers Hill Raceway, Briantspuddle, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7HN

18th June 2022 | 5:00am

Entries Closed

How many laps can you achieve in sunlight hours?


We are excited to announce our newest event for 2022, Dawn 'til Dusk, a 17-hour solo or team relay running race! A thrilling 6km loop including some epic ups and downs! Run as much or as little as you want within the sunlight hours.

Race Information

The loop is approximately 6km long with varied terrain (part motocross circuit and part grassy/dusty trails around the estate). There will be a fully stocked feed stop at the changeover area.

All race categories will start at sunrise at 5am (approx.) on Saturday and finish at sunset at 10pm and there will be 17 hours to complete as many laps as possible.

The race is chip timed so we can log your laps and there will be a live update screen in the Race Village showing the positions of categories. Runners can stop and rest when they wish but always leave at the correct point to ensure lap times are recorded. Pairs and team entries can choose how they relay their team members on laps however there will be a cut off time for entering onto the last lap. 

Additional activities in the Race Village will include yoga sessions, stretching sessions and kids mini race.

Entry includes free parking, fully marked course, hydration station, chip timing and live results, event photography, finisher medal and a technical finishers t-shirt.

Event Information

Camping available for Friday and Saturday night at an additional cost - £10pppn.

Parking is 100m walk from the camping area. The Race Village is located close to the camping area and facilities include toilets, info desk, trade stands, catering, bar, entertainment and a drinking water supply. Camping will open early afternoon on Friday so you can have a practice lap of the route, talk tactics, have a beer or two (depending how seriously you are taking it!) and catch up with old friends around a fire pit.



Just you and your running shoes doing as many laps as you can in the time allowed. You can decide when to take breaks, eat or sleep!

There are two solo categories, Male and Female. 


Two of you means someone to hand over to when you need a break or a brew! 

Male, Female and Mixed categories are available.

Team Entry (3 or 4)

Three or four of you spread the load, which means strategy and planning. Also means more time drinking coffee, looking at trade stands and enjoying the entertainment.